Double Degree Programs

°ʷʼ¼ has a long-standing and successful history over 100 years where a lot of important discoveries and inventions have been made. We’ve been welcoming international students and professors so far to achieve global exchange of brilliant people and smart ideas.

Double Degree Programs
Double Degree Programs
Double Degree Programs

We have developed Double Degree Programs in cooperation with prestigious universities from all over the world to explore new opportunities and gain double success.

Our double degree programs are developed so that a student could customize his or her education based on one’s specific interests and improve career prospects. All the students enrolled are required to take studies at both SPBPU and a relevant partner university and complete graduate work successfully. As an outcome a student may graduate with 2 degrees simultaneously once he or she has fulfilled the requirements of both universities. With comprehensive knowledge and practical skills acquired our students become highly competitive on the global market!

Advantages of doing double degree:

  • Gaining 2 degrees at a shorter time
  • Versatile and comprehensive knowledge
  • Broadened career possibilities
  • Improving foreign language skills
  • Valuable life skills while studying abroad

List of Double Degree Programs

Program Name Languages Degree
International Trade English BSc
Technology of Products and Organization of Catering    
Russian / English BSc
Power Plant Engineering English MSc
Electrical Engineering English MSc
Laser and Fiber Optic Systems English MSc
Microelectronics of Telecommunication Systems English MSc
Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling English MSc
Intelligent Systems English MSc
Smart Nanostructures and Condensed Matter Physics English MSc
Business Engineering English MSc
International Business Development English MSc

*only for Russian students

! Programs are taught either entirely in English at °ʷʼ¼ and at a partner-university or in two languages: in Russian at °ʷʼ¼ and in a foreign language at any partner university.

Russian / English Russian (°ʷʼ¼) / English (partner-university)
Russian / German Russian (°ʷʼ¼) / German (partner-university)
Russian / Chinese Russian (°ʷʼ¼) / Chinese (partner-university)
English English (°ʷʼ¼) / English (partner-university)
English / French English (°ʷʼ¼) / French (partner-university)

We are glad to welcome perspective students to our university!

If you have any questions about international double degree programs please use the following contact: