Shanghai postgraduate student Shawuya Jigeer: “Rain in winter is unexpected!”

16 January 2024 International activities 244

The winner of the Open Doors International Olympiad, Shawuya Jigeer, shared her experience of studying at Polytechnic University.

Postgraduate student from Shanghai Shawuya Jigeer

— Shawuya, how did your studies in Russia begin?

— I received my Bachelor’s degree in Shanghai and decided to come to Russia in 2019 to continue my master’s degree. First, I enrolled in the preparatory faculty for international students at Polytechnic University. I chose the international program «Quantitative Finance», because in China I also studied economics and finance, and now in the master’s degree program I could consolidate my knowledge.

— But you didn’t stop there and continued your studies?

— Yes, after graduating from the master’s degree program I decided to participate in the Open Doors International Olympiad. And thanks to this I was able to continue my postgraduate studies at IIMEiT Polytechnic University.

— Why did you choose to pursue postgraduate studies at Polytechnic University?

— The main reason is that I had a pleasant experience of working in the master’s degree program with my supervisor. The academic atmosphere in our institute is really good, and that’s why I decided to stay with my supervisor in graduate school.

At the Congress of Young Scientists

— Was it difficult for you to learn Russian?

— To be honest, yes. Yet during my undergraduate studies, I was interested in foreign languages. I even attended Russian language classes in China several times to have at least a basic knowledge. And when I came here, to study in the sub-faculty, we started with the alphabet. It was quite difficult, but we had a very good teacher. She explained everything so clearly, tried to give us a basic understanding of the Russian language, for which I thank her very much. I even have publications in Russian. Although I am still learning the language, I already feel more confident when I communicate.

In class

— Why did you decide to come to Russia?

— It is rather due to geography. I live near the Russian border, so I decided that learning Russian would be a big plus for my future work. And also because Russia is a pretty big country with international influence.

— Shawuya, have you been abroad before? And why did you choose St. Petersburg?

— No, this is my first such experience. In general, I was choosing between Moscow and St. Petersburg. I was advised to choose St. Petersburg because it is a city with a rich cultural and historical heritage. And this is exactly what I wanted. When I arrived and started studying at the sub-faculty, I realized that the master’s degree program suits me perfectly and I don’t want to leave.

— Tell us about your impressions.

— My first impression was quite pleasant. I remember arriving here at night, and I had heavy luggage, and a completely unfamiliar Russian guy helped me with it. I didn’t understand him, but I was very grateful for his help.

— How do you like the weather in Russia?

— I didn’t like it at first. The cold is okay, it’s like the northern regions in China, but the fact that it rains here in winter is quite unexpected. But I like summer, fall and spring.

— How do you spend your free time?

— I like to read. Or I do sports to stretch myself a bit because I sit so much. And, of course, going out with friends. It’s also an opportunity for me to improve my Russian speech, to practice with native speakers.

With friends

— Do you already have a plan for the future?

— I still have time to make up my mind. And besides, I have an opportunity to work as a teaching assistant at our university. I teach finance-related subjects in English. It’s a good experience because maybe in the future I can stay at the university as a teacher.

Shawuya in her class
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