Polytechnic Technology Park is a complex system carrying out projects along the whole chain of innovative development.

Polytechnic Technology Park

Mission of the technology park is to create favorable environment for organizing and developing activities of small science-driven, high-tech enterprises, supporting creative activities of employees, teachers, university and graduate students, promoting and commercializing scientific innovations, R&D, inventions and discoveries, elaborating and commercializing competitive export oriented and import substitution technologies, goods and services for the purpose of promoting technological and economic security of Russia.

Major lines of activity:

  • preparation and implementation of complex innovative programs and projects in scientific and technology sphere;
  • creation and development of innovative infrastructure in the university, support and expansion of technology business; setting up a business incubator of small science-driven business based on implementation of scientific research results;
  • stimulation of modern technology spreading and export of innovative goods; strengthening economic and intelligent base of the university by integrating scientific research and production, faster development of high-tech manufactures, implementation of new and promising technologies, improvement of staff qualification, staff training and retraining for science-driven business;
  • stimulation of modern technology spreading and export, development of a technology commercialization and transfer system, including as part of international projects and programs.