°ʷʼ¼ Accommodation Complex

  • pr. Nepokorennikh, 8, bldg.2, dorm. №14b

Over 7000 students from other cities and countries live in dormitories of °ʷʼ¼ campus. All dormitories are situated not far from the academic buildings of the university and underground stations. The campus is divided in 3 complexes of dormitories: "on Lesnoy prospect", "on Ploshchad Muzhestva" and "on Grazhdansky prospect".

Generally foreign university students live in two-room fully-accommodated living blocks in dormitory of complex "on Grazhdansky prospect" and in the new dormitory №8 of complex "on Ploshchad Muzhestva".

For guests and business partners of °ʷʼ¼ as well as parents and guests of students and applicants there is an opportunity to live in superior hostel rooms of the campus. Regarding room reservation and guests’ accommodation apply for the administration of the secondary service complex.

For students to live a comfortable, active and interesting life in dormitories there are tennis and fitness rooms, classrooms, launderettes, broadband Internet and digital TV access. Dormitories have free Wi-Fi zones. There are also sportsgrounds, sports clubs and a student union on the campus territory. Various tournaments on mini-football, ping-pong, chess and other sport events are held every year and over 20 dormitory teams participate in them.