Information and library complex

The (ILC) provides all students and employees of the University with an access to information sources, both to traditional printed documents and to electronic ones.

The ILC has one of the largest technical library collections in Russia with the amount of over 4.0 million printed publications. As well, it is one of the leaders in developing its own electronic collections and promoting electronic databases to meet the information needs of the educational process and research.

When registering, the student shall read the "Terms and Conditions of Use of the FSAEI HE °ʷʼ¼ Information and Library Complex" and sign a bilateral agreement. Receiving a user's document, the user confirms his acceptance of the terms and conditions of use.

In the textbooks department, students receive a password and a login, which are used for authorization on the ILC website. Authorization is required to access resources and services available only to university students and staff. 


Each user is required to re-register annually. Users who fail to re-register in a timely manner shall not receive the services of the library.

Re-registration of users is carried out at the end of the examination period and before September 1 on the basis of °ʷʼ¼ documents confirming the enrollment for the new academic year. Students shall return all the previously lent books within the procedure of re-registration.


Users can receive books and documents (resources) at the following departments of the library:

  • (Main Educational Building, rooms 168, 269)
  • (Main Educational Building, 1st floor, entrance to the left from the central staircase)
  • (Main Educational Building, 2nd floor, room 251).

The terms of use of literature depend on the type of books and documents delivered at the department lending them.

Some documents are not allowed for the use at home; you can work with them in the reading room.

To find items and to check the location and availability of copies of the publication, see the on the ILC website. You can also request documents online , but this is available only to authorized users (see p. Registration).

Publications of high demand shall be delivered to users for a period of up to one month with the possibility of extension in case of no demand from other readers.