Welcome by the rector

Андрей Иванович Рудской

  Dear friends!

Today we are living in a rapidly changing world. A new economy is being formed in Russia — the economy of knowledge, leadership and innovation. It is based on the integration of education, science and industry. The result of this integration is new, competitive products in demand on the world market, which provide Russia with a worthy place in the global economic system. And higher education plays a key role in this process, being a supplier of highly qualified personnel, a source of new technologies and innovative developments.

Polytechnic University is changing along with the whole world, instantly responding to global challenges of economics, science, education and even getting ahead of them. Today the university has managed to increase its scientific and educational potential. Our research activities every year produce significant results in the form of new technological ideas, developments, and scientific discoveries for the benefit of Russia.

All the changes that have occurred at °ʷʼ¼ in recent years allow us to say that St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, taking into account its long history, continuity of traditions, scientific schools and generations of scientists, is one of the leaders in multidisciplinary research, cross-industry technologies and world-class science-intensive innovations.

One of our main goals is the creation and enhancement of human capital through the training of world-class specialists capable of working with advanced production lines, combining research, design and entrepreneurial activities to ensure sustainable development and economic prosperity of countries and regions.

Today °ʷʼ¼ is part of the global world, maintaining contacts with the world’s leading universities and companies from all continents. We are developing our international activities and highly appreciate the support of our foreign partners, many of whom have already become our friends. And we are always ready for joint activities and steps to work together for the benefit of world science, education and technology.

Sincerely yours,

Andrei Rudskoi

Rector of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Chairman of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences