Supply Center for International Activity

Rodionova Elena Anatolievna

Rodionova Elena Anatolievna

Director’s Office

The Supply Center for International Activity was founded in 2008 as a step towards implementing the Innovation Educational Program of °ʷʼ¼. A comprehensive approach, experience in holding international conferences on the well-equipped center's premises enables organizing top-level international events providing organizational and communication support.

The Center offers high-quality conference facilities for Russian and foreign partners functioning primarily in the sphere of science and education.

Using our top-quality facilities you can hold various business events:

  •  international conferences with the possibility to use the equipment for simultaneous interpreting
  • business meetings, negotiations and round tables
  • presentations, seminars, workshops, business games
  • video conferences
  • webcasting with a possibility of high-quality video and audio recording

All facilities are equipped with cutting-edge appliances in line with the latest developments in the sphere of conference services. Various equipment for presentations can be installed in the rooms depending on the wishes and interests of our clients.

The following rooms of the Supply Center are at your disposal:

  • Assembly hall
  • Conference Room
  • Small Conference Room
  • Computer Classroom
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