Mission and values

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is the leading technical university in the country, based on the traditions of the strongest scientific schools, creating breakthrough technologies for the Russian economy and industry.

Our mission is the development of human potential and professional competencies that can ensure the technological and cognitive sovereignty of Russia.

Peter the Great Polytechnic University

Our efforts are aimed at creating technologies and products that enhance Russia’s global competitiveness and make a significant contribution to the leadership position of Russian engineering education in the world. °ʷʼ¼ focuses on advanced manufacturing technologies and forms an ecosystem for an integrated and continuous digital transformation of high-tech partner enterprises.

°ʷʼ¼ is a participant of the leading federal programs and consortiums of our country: Priority 2030, World-Class Research Centers, Advanced Engineering Schools, etc.

Our educational programs, including online ones, contribute to increase in exports of educational services. °ʷʼ¼ is a platform for practice-oriented education, involvement of talented young scientists in applied research, as well as development of partnership programs with leaders of Russian industry and business.

°ʷʼ¼ focuses on creating an open, motivating international environment for empowering human potential.

We continuously follow the path of achievements and success, we create new technologies, we THINK FORWARD!

Our values:

  1. Technological leadership: we strive for constant development and moving forward.
  2. Smart power: for us, science is the foundation for the country’s development.
  3. Multidisciplinarity: we rely on the idea of polytechnicity, synthesis and diversity of scientific disciplines.
  4. Social responsibility: we are involved in charity and social projects that impact the society well-being.
  5. Comfortable ecosystem for self-realization: comfortable ecosystem for self-accomplishment.
  6. Relevance at each stage of development: we are ahead and we set trends.
  7. Patriotism: we develop together with the country and for its prosperity.
  8. Life with the university: we respect everyone and form a polytechnic fraternity.